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International Final Conference in Altea, Spain

Results of this activity
30/05/2024: Arrival and accommodation of participants from each partner delegation. Welcome dinner in Altea’s city centre.

31/05/2024: Final Meeting – Conference “Transforming realities: Experiences and Challenges in the Fight against Gender Violence and Empowerment of Women” – held in the Social Centre building of the Municipality of Altea. The event began at 09:00 hours with the gathering and registration of the participants. The debate was attended by persons, women and men. Among the attendees were councillors of the municipality of Altea from the Culture and Education areas, representatives of Red Cross Altea and technical responsible for different areas of Social Services of Altea such as social education, immigration, social integration, social workers, legal advisor, mental health workers, psychologist expert in women victims of gender violence, promoter of equality, as well as representatives of women’s associations in Altea.
Also among the attendees were representatives of the Jean Monnet Foundation (Paris), the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Bucharest (Rumania), and the Associazione InCo (Molfetta, Italy), as well as women from the City Council of Altea who had been part of the project as Raquel Ruiz ( Pangea Service), Marivi Monfort, psychologist in the Social Center and expert in Gender Violence, Gusi Bertomeu, representative of the women’s association E-mujeres, Yolanda García, representative of the kellys Benidorm movement and Maria Jaramillo, survivor of gender violence.
At 9:45 the event started with some works of welcome from the Mayor of Altea, Mr. Diego Zaragozi, who thanked the attendees and especially the women from Molfetta (Italy), Paris (France) and Bucharest (Romania) who had participated in this project and had shared their knowledge and experiences with the women of Altea.
The mayor thanked that the European Union makes projects such as EnEnWomen available to women, which end up becoming the compass that guides public policies, incorporating the views and experiences of women, in this case especially on the issue of gender discrimination.
Next, the Councilor for European Projects of the Municipality of Altea, Mr. Germán Manjón, highlighted the work that his department is doing, involving the municipality to participate in projects that allow Altea to be visible in Europe. Mr. Manjón mentioned the importance of the EnEnWomen project because it puts Altea in Europe in terms of human rights and the fight against violence, especially that one which is committed against women in any state of the life (culture, education, economy, public participation) and that arises from inequality.
After those interventions and before starting the debate, it was introduced to those present its structure and operation.
Three tables had been designed with topics related to the subject of the debate, that is, the situation of women before and after the covid 19 crisis in relation to gender violence and their empowerment, in the way to achieve the equality in all the areas of life. (ODS number 5, Agenda 2030).
The first table was the one on Gender Violence. The Councilor for Equality and Social Welfare of the Municipality of Altea, Mrs.Anna Lanuza, and the Coordinator of the Denia Women’s Center, Mrs. Veronica Oca, were the participants. The purpose of this table was to explain the response that the local and regional administration gives both to Gender Violence and to the women victims of it and their daughters and sons.
In the second table, the gender gap in women’s participation in public life was discussed from two points of view; one from the councilor for citizen participation, Mr. Joaquin Devesa, and the other from, Mrs. Angélica Martínez, a volunteer of Altea Red Cross.
In the third table the issue was the employment. In the table were two voices, and expert one, Mr. Juan Jose Oliver, employment technician of the city council and Mrs. Yolanda García, activist and representative of the room cleaners (The kellys) in the hotels of Benidorm and the region Marina Baixa.
The debate was brougth to the end with the voice of Mrs. Maria Jaramillo, a survivor of gender violence.
After the debate, only the women from the different countries that had participated in the project remained, and they were distributed among three worktables. From 11:30 a.m. to 13:15 p.m., the women shared and captured on stickers all the feelings, expectations, knowledge and desires that the EnEn Women project in its  different phases had given them. After lunch they put in common on the tree of the project all the good practices.

01/06/2024: Departure of Participants from partner delegations.