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International Workshops in Paris, France

Results of this activity
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– 16/11/2023
Arrival of Participants from each partner delegation. Welcome at Cercle National des Armées (Paris), teambuilding activities and welcoming dinner.

– 17/11/2023
Visit to the Pantheon, where Jean Monnet, and other inspiring people from France, but also women are buried: In workshops, participants were invited to argue for the choice of a new female figure in the Pantheon or a committed figure representing a fight for equality.
From Sainte Geneviève to Joséphine Baker, participants could discover the monument through the many female figures who inhabit the Panthéon. The tour highlights the diversity of the messages conveyed by the allegories and female figures, as well as the presence of illustrious women such as Marie Curie, finally recognised in the 20th century, in this highly symbolic monument, or Simone Veil, first woman President of the European Parliament and victim of the Holocaust and Nazi concentration camps. This visit encourages participants to develop their critical faculties, to discern the stereotypes at the root of discrimination, and to question the conditions for equality between men and women.
Workshop at the House of Europe in Paris (Maison de l’Europe à Paris. 9 Av. de Villiers, 75017 Paris, Francia). Panel discussion and workshop on European Politics to fight violence against women, promoting inclusion in the labor market of women, and promoting equal opportunities for women in EU). Ms. Monica Radu, Vice-president of the Association Jean Monnet and responsible for the Europe Direct Information Centre at the Maison de l’Europe in Paris had an intervention about women’s participation in democratic life in France and Europe. She also shared will all participants French experiences regarding Houses of Women. After this presentations, each partner delegation also exposed similar experiences in each target Country: Italy, Romania and Spain. After this session, participants debated about relevant women in each target country and their historical importance at the civil society. The session finished with a debate on topics discussed during the day.

– 18/11/2023
The second day of activity started at Jean Monnet House, European Parliament, in Bazoches sur Guyonne France. EnEnWomen participants were welcomed by Mr. Miguel Angel Martín, Vice-President of the Association Jean Monnet and representative of the Foundation European-Iberoamerican of Yuste (Regional Government of Extremadura-Spain) and Mr. Martí Grau, Director of the Jean Monnet House of the European Parliament, but also Ex-Eurodeputy at European Parliament between 2008 and 2009. Mr. Martí Grau did a welcoming speech with a focus on the European reality about women civic participation and their impact on European policies, elections and decision making processes. Mr. Grau also point relevant data about European reality in terms of violence against youth women and mental health issues on youth women after the Pandemic.

After this, Ms. Magdalena Martin, specialist lawyer who shared a picture about gender violence in France and legal reality of gender violence in France. During this workshop, all participants shared how is the reality in each target country and all participants generated a debate about these topics.
The next session, included a guided visit of the Museum of the Jean Monnet house by the staff of the European Parliament. This visit included thematic content about historical moments of the European Union that happened at the House of Jean Monnet. Participants were able to explore the museum and also analyse its different sections and learning tools available.
During the afternoon, it was organized a workshop about how women rights were affected after pandemic. This workshop counted on a hybrid participation of different women experts. Firstly, Marie-Laure CHARLES, member of the Association Jean Monnet, and President and founder of Rotary e-Club Paris International, shared with all participants how the Rotary e-Club Paris International promotes civic initiatives to defend rights of Ukrainian refugees women in Paris. This presentation included important elements regarding financial sustainability of civic initiatives of the association. After her, Ms. Marina MONACO, expert advisor to the European Trade Union Confederation, but also activist in several civil society organizations, shared with all participants different digital tools for promoting women civic initiatives at local level. Finally, Ms. Marina Zmajche, from the civil organization Digital Decanters, expert in Erasmus Plus projects, made a participatory dynamic for reflecting about how important is non-formal education in terms of empowering individuals and specifically women. After all these interventions, participants had a reflectory debate about discussed topics.

– 19/11/2023
The morning started with a best practice exchange workshop organized by the AJM were all delegations from each target country shared best practices regarding initiatives for achieving effective equality in society. Then, a participatory dynamic of «Problem tree» was organized with the participants to reflect about causes, consequences and potential solutions to the challenge of women civic participation. The next session consisted on a exchange workshop were each delegation shared estatistics about current situation in each target country (Romania, Italy, Spain and France), regarding gender equality after pandemic times.
The afternoon started with a workshop dynamized by the Association AJMC pour les droits des victims de violence morale intrafamiliale. This association leaded a debate about action against the violence against women, insertion-Employment, Digital Mediation, Violence against handicapped women, Equal Opportunities, Protocols to fight against violence against women in France. The day was finalised with a joint reflection based on a joint walk by the traditional rural pathways surrounding the House of Jean Monnet, as many other politicians, journalists and other individuals from the French and European civil society did in the past. The idea was to walk to reflect, by following the steps of Jean Monnet, one of the European Founders, who used to do every day before or after working. So, we followed Jean Monnets steps to get inspiring by his method.

– 20/11/2023
Departure day