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Panel Debate in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France

“EnEnWomen : Encourager la participation des femmes en temps de pandémie” | “EnEnWomen : Encouraging women’s participation in times of pandemic” – Panel Debate

The panel in France, held in the Jean Monnet House near Paris, addressed women’s issues post-pandemic, particularly gender-based violence and national policies to address it. It was an impactful full-day of activities that included also an informal lunch, workshop sessions to brainstorm solutions and a visit to the House of Jean Monnet, founder of the European project.
Some of the issues that arised during the experts’ interventions, that represented the Defense and Industry Sector and trade unions, among others, were EU’s efforts to address this issue and highlighted the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on women’s employment and financial stability, and gender-based violence and structures and strategies to combat it from the public and private sector, and from associations’ initiatives.
The last last point of the debate was to make comparisons with national policies against gender violence and to find sustainable ways to solve those situations in European countries.

Results of this activity