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Panel Debate in Bucarest, Romania

Egalitatea de gen în mediile profesionale competitive în perioada pandemiei” | “Gender equality in professional competitive working environment during the pandemic

The debate in Romania focused on the difficulties faced during the pandemic in the work field by the professional females in the filed of sports and otherwise, and included a total of 5 experts mainly from the field of sports, education and coaching and social policies; area of expertise of the partner, the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest. Particularly, there were important concerns related to the safety of the job (risks of being fired, the increase of the work load on remote, unpaid overtime, etc.).
In fact, some of the participants introduced the topic of violence and abuse in the sports field, the educational impact of the family as well as social impact upon the work environment. It was, however, highly remarkable how some of the male participants talked about the professional and hard working women that they met in the professional work environment, promoting a positive and encouraging view and valorising their skills in managing an important workload and their knowledge.
They nevertheless made present the fact that women in the country are not, in general, sufficiently encouraged to be entrepreneurs and take initiative in the professional sector.

Results of this activity