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Panel Debate in Molfetta, Italy

TAVOLA ROTONDA-PANEL DEBATE “L’impatto della pandemia sui diritti fondamentali e la violenza sulle donne” | ROUND TABLE-PANEL DEBATE “The impact of the pandemic on fundamental rights and violence against women”

The panel debate organised by the Italian partner, InCo-Molfetta, coordinating organisation of EnEnWomen, had a particular focus on gender discrimination and new forms of abuse that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. This was thanks to the collaboration with the local anti-violence center, CAV “Pandora”. The organization’s expertise and experience in addressing gender-based violence were critical in advancing the discussion and identifying potential solutions to the problem. The debate also had a more international and youthful feel, as the event had the presence of international guest and included the projection of a documentary on women abuse and domestic violence from the perspective of another nation, in this case Sweden. The aim was for both panelists and participants to compare the Italian reality with other contexts mistakenly considered distant and more “advanced”, providing a fresh perspective. The debate was lively, with a significant number of young people actively participating and bringing new ideas to the discussion.
Results of this activity